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4 rail wood farm fence with welded wire attached
4 rail wood horse fence

BOARD FENCE; desired for it's rural look and charm, plus - it makes a darn good fence. Often, this fence is used at a country mountain cabin setting with some type of woven or welded wire field fence attached to keep a pet or livestock contained and keep strays and wildlife out. This type of fence is also available in PVC / Vinyl post and boards, which will last virtually forever.

4 rail board fence with welded wire attached
4 board with welded wire 4 board fence and gate with attached 2x4 welded wire fabric
4 board post and rail farm fence
4 rail rough sawn pressure treated pine pasture fence
4 board horse fence
Automatic Gate Opener Wireless Keypad

This fence has a solar powered BFT automatic gate operator installed with the optional wireless keypad anchored to a wood post centered between two other wooden post that are serving as stanchions to protect the keypad from accidental damage from cars, trucks, tractors, and construction equipment.

A metal tubular gate was used as a frame to which the wood gate was attached to keep the gate from sagging, warping, twisting, and falling apart due to sun and weather conditions, plus the metal framework gave a solid base to which the automatic gate opener actuators were attached.

To the left and above are examples of board fences using a “smooth on all 4 sides” wood for all of the elements in these fences. Below are examples of the same type of 4 rail board fence using rough sawn wood to build the fence.

All fence post are secured in concrete, and all of the wood members are fastened together using corrosive resistant wood screws to prevent the sun and weather from pulling the fence apart over time

4-rail rough sawn pasture fence
4 rail fence with 4x6 post
4 rail ranch fence with custom gated entry
4 rail wood gates with solar automatic gate openers

Here is a 4 board fence using the same rough sawn wood pictured above for the pasture fence, in a residential setting. Black vinyl coated welded wire is attached to the back side of this fence for pet control and the wood has been stained black.

black wood pasture fence with black vinyl coated 2x4 welded wire rough sawn wood 4 rail fence stained black with attached wire fence
4 board fence and gate
Stately black 4 board wood fence

A 4-board fence with galvanized 2x4 welded wire attached is a popular solution to keeping the dog at home while preserving that country charm.

Welded Wire verses Woven Wire; The pictures to the right show a board fence with 2x4 welded wire attached to the back side verses a board fence with 2x4 “ no climb” woven horse wire (far right). Woven Horse Wire cost about 30% more than welded wire, but is worth the extra expense because of it's exceptional strength. As you can see in the picture on the far right, the wires are much thicker and actually woven / twisted around one another creating a very strong wire mesh fabric.
Another advantage to woven wire verses welded wire is that the woven wire is a much heaver gage wire which can withstand the assault from a string trimmer / weed eater. The less expensive welded wire fabric will cut easily when a string trimmer comes into contact with it.

4 board fence gate with welded wire attached

2x4 galvanized welded wire fabric attached to smooth pressure treated wood 4 rail fence

woven no climb heavy duty horse wire fence fabric

2x4 woven horse wire on a 3 rail wood fence

4x4 Woven Lamb / Goat wire field fence fabric

Below and to the right I used Lamb / Goat wire which has a 4” x 4” opening between the woven wire strands. This wire comes in 330 foot rolls and is much more economical, but just as strong as the other woven wire fabric like horse wire. Unless you have really small dogs or you are trying to keep rabbits out of your garden, this less expensive 4” x 4” goat wire is ideal for fencing in a medium to large size dog.


Rough Sawn Pressure Treated true 1” X 6” horizontal fence rails and 4” X 6” post with 1x4 appearance boards covering all seams. This fence has 4 x 4 Lamb / Goat field fence fabric stretched tightly and fastened to the inside. This fence can be left in this natural condition or stained black or brown.

PVC Vinyl Fencing verses Wood Fenceing: PVC fence will last forever against the sun and weather, but it does become brittle with time and it also will mildew and require occasional pressure washing. It is very expensive and ecologically unfriendly, but in the right situation, it is a very good long term investment. If you can get past the materials expense, installation cost are the same as any fence and the fence will last forever - it will not rot like wood.

vinyl cross buck horse fence
3 rail vinyl ranch fence
3 board vinyl fence
vinyl round rail fence

Board Fence and Post & Rail fence are also manufactured in Vinyl and are available in white, brown, and black.

PVC / Vinyl fence will never rot or ever need painting, and it will last forever.

Available in many styles, this type of fencing is very popular with the Horse Loving community.

round rail  black vinyl fence
PVC vinyl horse equestrian fence
cross buck vinyl fence
brown vinyl 3 rail fence

To see all styles of available PVC / Vinyl fencing products, check out the PVC / Vinyl page on this website

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The North Georgia Fence Company
Serving the North Georgia Community since 1971


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